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Sitton Spelling
"Discovering how words work~not memorization for a word test"

Sitton Spelling is a research-based approach to spelling and word-skill literacy. It is a different approach to spelling~ it is focused on strategies, not short-term memorization.

To help you understand how spelling will work, here is a typical unit:

Day 1:  Word Preview- visual skill-building activity
             Exercise Express- Activity may vary- sorting, fixing, or stretching-the-word activity
Day 2: Seeds for Sowing Skills- Word work (examples: words ending in /j/, prefix, suffix)
Day 3: Seeds for Sowing Skills- Word work
Day 4: Build Skillful Writers-  Examples of work include: Homophone practice, proofreading
Day 5: Test Ready & Take Home Task
Day 6: Cloze Story Word Test/Review (recycled Core Words)
Day 7: Skill Test/Proofreading Test

What you can expect:
*Units will last 5-8 days depending on content.
*One-two homework practice assignments per unit.
*Review and Skills tests are given at the end of each unit- not necessarily on a Friday.
*After unit assessments, a Words to Learn List will be generated. Students will take home the list and should practice these words at least twice throughout the next unit.

Grading: The final spelling grade for each trimester acknowledges students' performance mainly on-
  • Spelling Priority Words (minimum requirement-from student's everyday writing) and Topical Words (content-specific)
  • Word Tests, Skill-building assignments, Skills and Proofreading Test
Definition of Terms:
Core Words~ high frequency writing words that appear several times throughout a lesson. These are a list of 1200 words that are divided by grade levels 1-8. (If you would like a copy, let me know)
Words to Learn~ are a combination of Core Words (misspelled or misused on tests), and any other words misspelled in everyday work or from Topical Words.
Priority Words~ Core words designated as "no excuses" words. Students have a copy of these words in the Spelling section of their binder. 

4th Grade Curriculum Overview